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Mar 1, 2024 at Pacific Time

Dr. Raymond CAO

Dr. Raymond CAO is the Principal Engineer and Executive IT Director. His main projects are actually on e-commerce applications, and Systems/Network administration.

He is responsible for managing the technical operation of the enterprise network and servers to ensure the daily operation and keep the entire IT services 'live'. he oversees the implementation and rolling out of technical products and services.

In the early 1990s, Dr. Raymond CAO's work was on numerical simulation in engineering, asymptotic numerical method, parallel computing and IT administration. He developed software on numerical simulation of manufacturing processes, published scientific papers and led working groups for industrial projects. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, he worked together with Dr. Griff HAMLIN on one of the first web-based system administration software. In the recent years, he designed and developed a store management software in e-commerce. During all these years, Dr. Raymond CAO's career has been related to software development and Information Technology in different industries and research institutes. He worked, respectively, in Renault as Research & Development Engineer (France), in French National Scientific Research Center (CNRS) as Research Engineer in IT and scientific calculation, in Quik International, Inc. as Software Engineer and Systems Director, and in Quikdrop International, Inc. as Chief Technical Officer.

Dr. Raymond CAO received his Ph.D. in Engineering from Grenoble Institute of Technology, France.